Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Carrot salad

Here's an easy snack. So easy, in fact, that the story behind the recipe is going to be much longer than the recipe itself.

When I still working at Probe some years ago I did a story in Mt. Data, Benguet. I had two extremely memorable visits there: first, an ocular visit that lasted about three days, then another four- or five-day visit for the actual shoot. The residents (mostly belonging to the Kankana-ey indigenous group) were absolutely wonderful: cheery, friendly, and incredibly hospitable. Most of them made their livelihood growing vegetables, and I had the freshest vegetables I'd ever eaten while I was there. While visiting at one of the residents' homes, I was treated to this delicious snack.


carrots, chopped into bite-sized thin strips
condensed milk

Combine ingredients. Chill in your refrigerator. Ta-dah! There's your carrot salad!


Ahoy! said...

yes of course you can link you to my blog... as long as I can link your food blog as well (for easy access to the recipes, heheh). Ok lang ba, my blog is not technically about food, but I do write about food very often.:-) Heheh...

rowie said...

Sure, sure, sure! :) Merry Christmas, Joy! :P

Ahoy! said...

Merry Christmas too! BTW inspired by you, I will update my old food posts and add the actual recipes (where I don't already have them). Enjoy! Happy holidays agian!

rowie said...

The funny thing is, I actually started this blog because it was easier than writing down all my recipes in a notebook, heheh! Now when I cook I just leave my laptop open on a table right outside the kitchen and then just flit back and forth if I've forgotten anything. :)