Thursday, April 17, 2008

Our new refrigerator

Last week, Mike and I went out and bought a new refrigerator. The old refrigerator in our house was a tiny 7 (maybe even 6) cubic-foot single-door fridge, which we would have to cram like crazy. It still worked, but it no longer cooled our food as well as refrigerators should, especially because it was always so stuffed.

So we took a trip to our friendly neighborhood SM appliance center with a budget of P20,000.

We ended up getting an 11-cubic-foot Whirlpool, a teeny bit over our budget, but pretty much exactly what we needed. We didn't need a big freezer because we have a separate stand-alone freezer, but we did need space for all our bottles (because of all the water one needs to drink in this hot and humid country), and the Whirlpool has nice big door racks for big 1.5-liter bottles, leaving the main chamber free for everything else.

Some happy plusses were a built-in deodorizer, built-in twist ice trays, and Canadian no-CFC technology (good for the environment).

The only disappointment was that the vegetable drawer wasn't much bigger than the vegetable drawer of our old refrigerator.

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Ahoy! said...

Hi Rowie! Long time no hear from you!

We never refrigerate our tomatoes, as with our cucumbers. I read somewhere that they lose flavor when refrigerated, besides, I don't know if it's an illusion but they seem more juicy in room temperature.

I also read about keeping lettuce damp in a bag (though I never do it myself). I found it in an FAQ where a person was asking how to keep his lettuce fresh-looking and not dry. Maybe you only need to do this with dried-out lettuce? I dunno.

Congrats on your new appliance! :-)

rowie said...

Thanks so much! I never knew about tomatoes until now, although in retrospect it should have been common sense -- tomatoes aren't refrigerated in the supermarket.

The research about lettuce was interesting, though, because there really doesn't seem to be any consensus. My father-in-law has always kept his lettuce as dry as possible and put them in air-tight Tupperware containers, and they do last longer in his house than in ours, but that may have more to do with the fact that the lettuce he buys is more fresh because he gets them from a hydroponics gardener down the street whereas we get ours from the supermarket.

Jax said...

That's great!! Congrats on your new refrigerator... I'm just looking for a new one...