Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What to do with New Year's fruits

Happy New Year!

I've been ill and haven't had time to putter around the kitchen, but if you want ideas as to how to finish eating all those round fruits you bought for your New Year's table spread, here are some suggestions from older posts:


wander-cat said...

miss rowie! er, misis. congratulations! i know i'm late in saying so but better late than never, eh?

wandered into your blog from somewhere. may i link you?

just wanted to say i'm awfully glad about reading marcel for your class. i have a friend from UP who majored in philo and had no inkling about marcel until i told him. <3

oh, right. this is den alibudbud:

ps. umm, i owe you recipes for the e-mail that pj mariano forwarded.

rowie said...

Hi Den! Thanks for dropping by! And I'm glad you appreciated Marcel. :)

Sure; go ahead and link me! :)

culinary pilgrim said...

Wow, rowie! I didn't know you're into philosophy. I'm a fan of Marcel, quoted a lot from him when I had my oral comprehensives.

By the way, suggestion on the balsamic dressing: combine everything except the olive oil, then simmer until reduced into a syrupy consistency, then add the olive oil. It removes the acids and gives you a nice sweet-semi sour vinaigrette. I hope my recent post can give you other ideas for dressing.

rowie said...

Yeah, philosophy's my, uh, profession. :)

Thanks very much for the vinaigrette tip! I've tried making my own twice already and I just can't seem to get it right, so your tip is really a big help!