Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Believe it or not, I'm still ill! (It's been six weeks now, and I've been to the doctor thrice.) My taste buds are still affected so I still can't do any kitchen experiments and the only cooking I've done has been following recipes.

But in the meatime, the lettuce-growing project is underway. Last Saturday, I bought a small planter and had it filled with soil, but I hadn't read up on lettuce-growing yet. After doing some research I learned that the best way to grow lettuce is to plant seeds first (excuse my ignorance, the last time I did any gardening other than weeding was in 4th grade for, well, gardening class) and then transplant them. I also learned that the planter I chose might be a little too small and might only be able to hold two heads of lettuce at a time. So I used the planter I bought for the seeds and then this weekend I'll get a larger planter for the lettuce heads.

So far, so good. I kept the planter in our indoor garden to prevent the birds or cats from disturbing them. Today is Day 5 and some shoots are peeking out of the soil already. I looked at them with delight this morning and Mike himself had a moment of wonder when he said, "Cool! It's like you're participating in God's creative act."

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wrkshy said...

hi! your blog caught my eye and interesting enough for me to read :) i also want to start planting my own veggies but i don't know where to buy the stuff (planter box? seeds? etc) any suggestions? thanks in advance and keep on writing!

rowie said...

Thanks very much! Unfortunately, I'm not an expert at lettuce-growing and my first attempt wasn't very successful. I bought a planter and soil from one of those Bulacan Garden-type places, and I bought the lettuce seeds from the supermarket. I was planning to buy fertilizer once the first leaves grew, but my first attempt didn't get that far. I tried planting the lettuce in my indoor garden so that it wouldn't get eaten by birds or other animals, but there wasn't enough sunlight, and although the seeds developed shoots, they didn't get a lot farther than that.

I'm going to try again, maybe next month, when the weather isn't so hot. This time I'll try it in the real outdoors where there's more sunlight. Good luck with your attempt! :)